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All it takes is one kind word

You never know how you may affect someone’s life with one kind words.

Unbeknownst a random act of kindness could give someone hope strength faith and the encouragement to help them get through their day.

Words are powerful and something as simple as taking the time to talk to someone could change their whole outlook on life and impact the future all it takes is one kind word to help brighten someones day.

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TUESDAY Morning Quote

Destination of your choice

How you live your life is up to you. There’s no one in control of your life but yourself and you have both hands on the steering wheel driving your vessel towards the destination of your choice how the journey ends it’s totally up to you take ownership of your life.
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Loyalty is not in everyone DNA

Stop looking for loyalty and everyone  you will be disappointed some people just operate in shiesty mode all the time. Loyalty is not in everyone DNA and you can’t expect them to be loyal to you when they are not truthful and honest with themselves. When you find someone who is honest and loyal to you appreciate it’s rare.

Believe in yourself

Life has many challenges and when things don’t go your way you can’t get frustrated and throw in the towel. You have to find the strength to continue the journey trust in yourself and have faith that God will make away. When times get hard keep pushing forward don’t give up and quitting is not an option.

Prove it to yourself

Stop looking for other praise approval or acknowledgement of you or the  work that you do. The only opinion that truly matters is yours prove it to yourself and stop waiting for the bandwagon to come join the party celebrate your achievements with yourself you don’t need a parade.

Your drive

Good morning 🌎. What ever motivate you to wake up every morning hungry determined and focus to complete the task at hand. Use that fire and passion in your soul to drive you towards achieving your goals. I wish everyone a happy and safe Monday. Stay hungry and be motivated. Enjoy!!!

We all are human beings

No matter your profession education zip code or bank account statement we all are people so treat everyone the same be courteous polite and show respect. How you treat people is all about your mindset and it speaks volumes about your character. We all are human beings so let’s learn how to be humble show dignity to one another and most of all be kind.

Life can make you humble

Good morning everyone. Learn from your past mistake grow from those experiences and move forward in life towards being a better person then you were yesterday. Be happy kind and appreciate each and every moment. Life has a funny way of humbling you grow from the lessons that it will teach.

In 2020 take care of your well being


We sometimes like to think that we can help everybody and save the day but the truth is you can’t save nobody that doesn’t want your help. They are comfortable in the dark and content with the misery and pain stop trying to rescue the world and make sure in 2020 that you take care of your well being. You’re no good to anyone else if you don’t take care of your mental state first.



Don’t make a decision when you’re angry one hasty decision  could cost you every thing. Think before you speak. Good morning to all have a good day.


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As you grow and mature your whole aspect of life change. You start to see what really important and what is trivial and a waste of your time. Your happiness lies with you and at the end of the day are the master of your own universe and it all in your hands.

No Judgement


Why are we so quick to judge when we have cracks in our own foundation. Have grace and mercy for one another instead of passing criticism all the time. Judge not who should be judge first.

Face your problems


You can’t begin to heal what’s hurting you until you start  being honest with yourself. Pretending the problem don’t exist or trying to self medicaid your troubles away will only make the matter worse. Until You face your problems head-on. You will continue the vicious cycle that you are in. There’s someone who loves you and counting on you do it for them if not for then do it for yourself face your fears and start the healing process.


#Healingisgood#goodmorningquoteoftheday#Liveyourlifetothefullest#Realtalkwithmatty#prisoner ofthemind

The longer you avoid your problems the more the pain will control you. Learn how to face your fears begin the healing process and start live your life don’t let your fears imprison you.

Love is beautiful

#Loveisbeautiful#appreciatelove#commitmenttoeach other#Realtalkwithmatty#Feature oftheday

Love is beautiful when you find that special one to share your life with. That person who has the same heart soul and spirit as you who share the same mindset and common goals that you do. Someone that you know you can count on through the good times as well as the bad who is dedicated to your relationship and the love that you share and is totally commitment to spending the rest of their life together with you. Love is a beautiful thing especially when you find that special one to share it with and the person of your dreams appreciate and cherish every moment.

Love you

#Love#staytrue#commitment#a strongbound

Love is a beautiful thing when you have someone to share it with appreciate what you have stay commitment to each other and the relationship and don’t let anyone or anything come between your love. Good morning everyone have a great day.

Good morning

#Keepgrinding#positive#goodmorningquoteoftheday# maintainyour focus#Realtalkwithmatty 

Good morning to everybody.  I hope you have a happy and productive tuesday stay safe be positive and enjoy the rest of the day. Keep grinding remain focused and respect the process.

Believe in yourself


Life has many challenges you can’t get frustrated and throw in the towel. You have to find the strength to continue the race trust in yourself and have faith that God will make away. Quitting is not an option.

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