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All it takes is one kind word

You never know how you may affect someone’s life with one kind words.

Unbeknownst a random act of kindness could give someone hope strength faith and the encouragement to help them get through their day.

Words are powerful and something as simple as taking the time to talk to someone could change their whole outlook on life and impact the future all it takes is one kind word to help brighten someones day.

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TUESDAY Morning Quote

Destination of your choice

How you live your life is up to you. There’s no one in control of your life but yourself and you have both hands on the steering wheel driving your vessel towards the destination of your choice how the journey ends it’s totally up to you take ownership of your life.
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Change is hard

#Change is hard #The break up #Featureoftheday

Changes is hard but so necessary for growth. You have to self evaluate your own bull shit to learn and grow and become a better person. It’s time to leave old habits behind and start thinking with a new mindset say goodbye to the person you used to be and embrace the new more mature you.

I Pray

#I Pray #Peaceofmind #goodmorningquoteoftheday

Good morning to everyone I hope that you have a great an enlighten Saturday morning. I came across this pin and it spoke to my spirit I pray that it will help someone get through today and to let them know whatever that you’re going through believe that God Will make a way trust and believe and keep pushing forward. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and have a happy safe and blessed day.

Your mental state

#Your mental state #Featureoftheday #Happiness

Don’t get so caught up taking care of everyone else and trying to make them happy that you forget about your own peace of mind. You mental well being is just as important as anyone else’s remember you can’t drive a car if it’s out of gas protect your mental health.

A Change is coming

#A Change is coming #goodmorningquoteoftheday

With all the unrest going on across the country it’s time for change no longer can we sit idly by while the racism and the brutal police attacks continues. If you want change then it’s time for new solutions stop supporting people who don’t support you if you want to get their attention money is the only thing that they understand stop giving it to them when their pockets start to get a little light trust me they will hear your voice.

Now is the time to put the spotlight on racism and a message to all the politicians businessmen and women companies and anyone else who have been making profits off minorities for so many years it is time for change if you don’t understand the pain and our plight we no longer can support you and we no longer need your services. If you’re not part of the solution then you’re contributing to the problem.

Mature Relationship

Mature Relationship #goodmorningquoteoftheday #Realtalkwithmatty

Greeting to all on this beautiful Wednesday morning. Begin in a relationship requires a lot of work patience and understanding on both parts but when you’re blessed to find a special one it makes it all worth it.

Right and wrong

#Right and wrong #Featureoftheday#Moral compass

Knowing right from wrong doesn’t have to do with how you was raised or your religious beliefs but more to do with your moral compass or lack there of.

We assume

#goodmorningquoteoftheday#we assume #Realtalkwithmatty

We assume that everyone thinks the same way as we do and that wouldn’t be a accurate assumption. We are all rise with a different perspective on life everyone doesn’t had morals values and a positive outlook on life.

You have to see these individuals for who they are and not who you think they should and let them continue on your journey. Every one that cross your path is not meant to be saved by you some people like mayhem around them and want to see everything burn focus on yourself and let people walk their own path.

Be determined

#Be determined #Featureoftheday

Keep showing up even when others are ready to give up be determined to complete your task continue moving forward towards your goals don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. Quitting is not an option your destiny awaits you.

Move in silence

#MotivationMonday #goodmorningquoteoftheday

Good morning world. Set goals for yourself and remain silence keep your thoughts in your head. Continue moving forward and be determined to achieve your desire when you see progress being made pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments as you see your dreams becoming reality. This was culminated by believe in yourself .

Begin humble

#Featureoftheday #Begin humble

Life is more then money cars and prestige it’s about begin humble and learning how to treat others with respect dignity and making a better life for yourself and helping people along the way.

You can learn from anyone

#goodmorningquoteoftheday #you can learn from anyone

Good morning. Have a peaceful and blessed day. Life is the greatest teacher of them all and you can learn from everyone that you meet even if it something not to do in life it still a lesson there to be learned.

All your ducks in a row

#Featureoftheday #Allyourducksinarow

Sometimes it not about being perfect and having all your ducks in a row sometimes it’s just about a leap of faith I’ve been willing to take the first steps moving forward towards a new journey.


#goodmorningquoteoftheday #Growth

Happy Saturday to everyone I wish you all a blessed and safe day. You can’t heal the pain inside until you address the issue. Trying to blame other or avoid the problem will only make the matters worse. Part of growth in life is acknowledge the problem and finding the strength and courage to face the pain head on.

Today’s work

#Featureoftheday #Today’s work

You will only go as far as your vision mindset and determination will take you. All the work that you’re putting in today you will reap the rewards tomorrow and for years to come.

A great gift

#goodmorningquoteoftheday #A great gift

If you woke up this morning you have received the greatest gift that money can’t buy appreciate this blessing and don’t squander this golden opportunity live your life to the fullest.

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