Responsible / Irresponsible what side are you on.

I was remembering the other day when I was little I hated to wash dishes. I would act like I was so sleepy so I wouldn’t have to do them or when I do then I would half ass do them. I thought that if I keep doing that, my mother would tell me to stop washing dishes, boy was I wrong. Once I went to sleep thinking I could get away with it, not with my mother she doesn’t play, she kindly woke me up @ 1am to tell me to get my butt in the kitchen and wash them dishes. Later on that day my mother told me that what ever plans or scheme I come up with, it doesn’t matter because my job is to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen, even after my mother talk to me , I still try to get away with not clean the kitchen , I’m sick I’m tired, I’m hurt you name it I try , I guess after the 458 time of hearing about cleaning the kitchen and doing it right, it dawned on me that this woman is not going to change her mind about this kitchen and I had to do it, besides she had muscle with her (my father) this man look like Tyson and his hand was big like a baseball glove , I’m wasn’t messing with him, once I realized I had no other choice but to clean the kitchen the right way ,that I was account able for my action that was my first taste of responsible. I’m not saying that washing dishes made me the president of the U.S.A but it did give me a sense of responsibility, pride & morals that I use today . I’m a firm believers in if you teach a man how fish he can feed his family, what I mean by that is if you teach your children responsibility they will be able to take care of their self when they get older, and not have a 37 year grown ass man or woman living with you asking mommy can you wash my clothes or can they borrow some money with no job . We all need help some times, but as parents sometimes our helping or protecting our kids sometimes turns into hindering them. As parents we want the best for our children, some time the best thing for them is to let them grow up and be responsible on their own, choices in life, (your rent is due next week are you going to pay your rent on time or are you going to take that money and party with it. A responsible person takes care of their obligations first , )and irresponsible person just think about the moment, were a responsible person thinks about today,tomorrow and the future . Last night I was reading and article about Juan Silva Sr who was released from prison on Monday July 27 2015, after falsely confessing to a fatal hit and run that happened in 2013, the person diving the vehicle at the time of the accident was his son Juan Silva Jr. Juan R. Zapata -Guerrero was killed and his friend Angalee Jacobs injured as they left a tavern in Milwaukee Wisconsin on September 28,2013. Silva jr told his father he thought he may have hit a dog the day after the accident, but his father realized what happened when he saw the news Silva Sr received five years in prison at his sentencing and had already served almost two years ,Silva now facing 6 years in prison . The Milwaukee journal sentinel reports that Silva Sr (45) took the stand on Monday and confessed that he had lied in hope that he could save his son from prison. The story began to emerge about a month ago, when someone who works with Silva wife told authorities she had mentioned her husband confessed to the crime in an attempt to spare their son from prison. Zapata -Guerro was just 39 years old and a father of 3 when Silva Jr (22) struck and killed him with his car. Now I believe the father really thought he was doing the right thing and protecting his son but it was just wrong Juan Silva Jr was responsible for the accident so Juan Jr. should have own up to it , that’s what responsible people do.


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