I love my walk home

Some times in life we can get caught up with the every day struggles of life.  Work bills sibling spouse children family and even friends can seem daunting at times. You have to remember take a breath and enjoy life live in the moment sometimes.  My child started an after school program and she needed to be picked up twice a week. The family decided whom ever was free would pick the baby up .

The first day the program started I pick my daughter up. It seem like that every thing that could go wrong on that day went wrong from pot holes to Co-workers internet connection it happened just one of those days. I pick up my child still mad and frustrated about my day and all of a sudden my child comes running out of the school like the building was on fire excited.  She gave me the usually warm greeting asking me how was my day sounding like she has been on this earth before as she begins to tell me about her day.

Telling me what they did in class and what they had learned today how much fun she had and how Jaden didn’t listen to the teacher and got in trouble I laugh just that fast I had forgotten all the troubles I’ve gone through that day just listening to my daughter talk about school and enjoying life.  For some people listening to children talk about kids stuff might seem trivial but for me I enjoyed every moment.  I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my two oldest kids maybe every other weekend so I didn’t get to see all their younger moment like losing teeth first steps or unwrapping Christmas presents so with the youngest two I enjoy every little moment.

As we continue our walk home on this warm spring day my daughter saw a campaign sign and asked me what did the signs say I told her I’m not going to read the sign.  You known how to read sound it out after she took her time and figured out what the sign said my daughter had the biggest grin on her face with the look of accomplishment that she was able to figure it out all by herself.  I’m standing there with a grin on my face for me it’s a Kodak moment one of those memory that will last for ever.

That’s why I love these walk homes to enjoy and live in the moment because one day my baby will grow up and be an adult.  But for right now her mind is on school ballet and shopkins I know soon their will be boys her first bra prom graduations and some day maybe down the road a wedding.  So for now I’m enjoying every little moment.  They grow up so fast.


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