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As the horrible death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are all over social media for the world to see, I have a question for America and when I say America I’m not talk about the racist of America  I’m referring to the  Politician, Celebrities the good  cops &  all the wholesome, kind-hearted Christian people who have stood by and watching while people are being  brutally murder and nobody has nothing to say.   Race should not matter if you are truly a christian there only two sides  in life right and wrong but somehow people have gotten quit comfortable not saying nothing at all, these are the same people sitting in church every Sunday tell everyone that they are good Christian, and they follow the word  they can’t be listing to the sermons and they sure not living there life according to the good book by keeping you mouth close and not saying nothing  to what is going on today.


We love  him because he first loved us If any one says, “I love GOD” and hates his brother, he is a liar for he who does not love his brother whom he has not seen. and this commandment we have from him, who ever loves GOD must also love his brother.


A few weeks ago people was going nuts about the death of a gorilla  we all should have the same compassion and feel the same angry for the deaths of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile and all those senseless killing before them WE ALL should be outrage  the same way people were upset about the death of the gorilla the same should be said about a Human life  not just  a couple of people but the whole United States of America should be upset about what’s going on in America today.

Where is Erin Smith with a  new petition   You had  no problem starting a petition  for Jesse Williams speech at the B.E.T awards show  I guess you have nothing to say now?


We all have to start looking at people  as individually and judge them by  their character and morals and not by their color of their skin.   There a good and bad  people in every race,  on every job and in every police station.  To make a statement  that All Police officer are bad would be wrong and unfair to All the Men and Women that put on the uniform and perform their duties in a respectful and proper manner everyday I wouldn’t call them bad now some of them might need to do some soul-searching.

You can’t call your self a Good Cop when  people are being hurt and Brutally Murdered and some of you police officer know that some of your fellow officer are bad  you work with them you talk to them you eat with them hell some of  you have seen the Bad Cops in action  instead of doing the right thing or  some of you  Good Officer are helping  to cover up some of these  crimes for the Brother hood  or trying to honor the code of silence and protect your fellow officer even when they are wrong.


Every one came witness the Code Of Silence by looking at the Feddie Grays trail   The media is trying to make States attorney Marilyn Mosby look incompetent but how can she do hear job when you have Baltimore City police officer not cooperating with the investigation invoking the fifth amendment  and trying to honoring the Code Of Silence good luck with that.  At the end of the day we all are responsible for our own actions no code of silence or brother hood should  ever interfere with your charter or your morals . Good people always do what’s right.


call that a white privilege, don't you_ - Democratic Underground



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