# Humanity were are you?

I remember a time not to long ago that people use to show you kindness,  give you a warm greeting,  it’s sad to say those days seem to be gone.  In today’s society it seem to be more easy to tear down a person or try to discredit someone character , rather than to show  compassion, empathy or humanity for someone.

Social media was created for friends and family to communication with each other across the county,  to share pictures and moments,  now fast forward to todays social media where they attacking and bullying Gabby Douglas about everything from her hair to not putting her hand over her heart.   I posted a picture this week  of Gabby Douglass  and Donald Trump not covering their hearts but only Gabby Douglas was attacked Donald gets a pass ( In my Paul Mooney voice, the complexion for the protection )


To attack a child on social media is a new low,To bullying this young lady about her hair while she is living her dream competing in the olympics, while some of you are dream killer  and hating ( via Satellite ) from  your couch, leave that young lady alone and get a life.

To attack a child or an  adult on social media  simply because I don’t agree with their view’s or  they didn’t agree with mine views is crazy to  me, (I guess to each is own)  you have your opinion and I have mine and some times in life you have to agree to disagree  (for me) attacking someone just because we don’t share the same view is foolish.   We all have  different opinion, and  come from different back grounds, that’s what makes the world goes around, and that how you created dialog  in an effort to understand one another but what we all should have in common is humanity for one another and sometimes  it’s something simply as changing your thought  pattern.


It seem to be all too common on social media for someone to go off on some body just because they don’t agree with your views. People feel that they can say whatever they want with no repercussion, or no remorse for no one feels and no humanity for one another.( Colossians 3:13)  make allowance for other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you so you must forgive others.


People act as if their Judge, jury, executioner, and clergy man like they have all the evidence right in front of them, and it’s a open and shut cases and the media outlets always tell the truth  (LOL) sure they do, Remember George Bush and weapon of mass destruction.

To see today’s social  media in full effect just look at the Colin Kaepernick story, I thought there was the first amendment and freedom of expression, I guess I was wrong let me be quiet before I be label a Domestic Terrorist like Huey freeman.



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