# Mighty Men series 1




You can prepare for something if you know that it’s coming, but the unknown always seem to hurt the most. Could you imagine that today is a new beginning for you and your tomorrow is gone forever. Imagine if this happens to you.

On your way home from work thinking about spending time with your wife and your kids, it’s been a long week at work you’re just glad to be off.   As you ride home you wonder what’s for dinner and what are you and your beautiful wife are going to do with the kids this weekend,  your happy  loving life you don’t have a care in the world, but all that is about to change.

What you thought was going to be a weekend of fun has turn into your personal Nightmare  what would you do if  you just found out that the woman you been in love with for 20 years was having an affair, what would be your first reaction, would you be hurt,  resentment betrayed maybe even breakdown and cry, probably all the above.

Every thought probably running through your mind, what went wrong, was it her fault was it my fault did I do something wrong, or did she just fall out of love with me how could she just throw away 20 years of marriage, 20 years of memories and she just thrown it away like it was old news, to sit and watch your whole world crumble in front of you could be devastating, your partner,  lover, a friend  has just turn your world up side down.



A  relationship can be compared to tag team wrestling,  you and  your partner work well together you have chemistry  dam near finishing each other sentences, you are the best at what you do both having each others back taking on all challengers  sitting on top of the world you think that you and your partner are on the same page as you turn for a tag, out of no were you get hit  with a chair (well I didn’t see that coming)  as you sit there dazed and confused wondering why.  (sometimes in a relationship you can feel that way)

20 years of marriage is a long time, 20 years worth of joy, pain, love, hate, and memories you my say that for all those years you are entitled to the truth that you have the right to know  the truth about everything for a peace of mind, and some closure sometimes in life we seek the truth only to come away with more question in these times you have to let go and let god take care of it.

As you try to cope and figure out what happened what went wrong you have to take time and look at your part in the relationship. We as people like to talk about what the other person did in the relationship or how bad they had treated you, but what about your part people can only do what you allow them to do you are the question and the answer .


You can complain about why do someone keep treating you wrong ( the question) because you allow them to treat you that way ( the answer)  relationship is hard work and it take  both parties to make it work, a lot of communication, love, trust, honesty,and respect the moment you take the other person for granite there will be problems you can assume that the person know how you feel but it is up to you to express how you really feel remember the old saying a close mouth don’t get fed. Asked yourself who going to take care of you better than you remember love your star player first.


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