I married to this fucker so I need to make this work.

It’s been 2 and a half years since me and her got together at first I thought it was a thing to do just to past the time but the more we spent time together the more this has grown. You been with me the whole time even when others have doubted me you didn’t I dedicated this to you  Realtalkwithmatty.com for  believing in me seeing my hopes my dreams and my vision.


I remember when I first started writing my blog I was excited as a little kid, I wanted to tell every one about my blog, the website, and what I was  writing about  and some of the topics  that i wanted to discuss for a small few they had genuine love for me and wish me the best while others was staring at me like i had three heads on my shoulders, a couple of people  had the upset stomach look ( as if to say what do you want to do that for)  it was at this moment that i knew to stop talking about my blog everything is not for everybody. You can’t expect someone to understand your passion, drive, or vision if they don’t have the same focus, desires, will power as you.


People fear what they don’t understand and criticize  anything that is different from what they know or normally do  getting someone to see your vision might be  a waste of your time and energy,  and let’s be honest do you really want those type of people around you with their doubt and negativity surrounding you trying to kill your dreams.  Those type of people we call  dream killers they don’t have vision  and can’t understand yours don’t know art and not willing  to learn about it, they don’t want nothing out of life and hate to see anyone else trying to do something  good in life.


You can’t live your dreams through someone else eyes you have to walk your own path .  As long  as  you have creators  artist  visionary there will always be hater, naysayers, and doubter, the dream killers their to discredit you the first chance they get. I read something the other day that caught my attention the message said there will always be someone who can’t see your worth, don’t let it be you.  People will discredit you all day everyday and twice on Sunday  these dream killers might be at your church, school, work, hell mite even be in your own home they will doubt your passion your vision but you should never doubt yourself if you don’t take yourself serious who will .


I dedicate this to Akio Evans, Unorthodox Visionz and Tana let no ones thoughts confine you live your dream and embrace your vision . As for myself  I’m married to this fucker  so I’m going to make this work.



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