# Ownership


 Have you ever talk with someone and they always say I have bad luck, now me personally I don’t believe in bad luck but I do believe in karma, and karma is a mother when she shows up.   You ever heard the same person complain about bad luck or trouble seem to follow them over and over again  day after day year after year the same problem.  Sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and do some self-evaluation and take ownership for situation you may have encountered over time.

Asked yourself are you always kind to everyone you meet do you treating people fair and with respect and dignity. Sometimes people have select memories when it comes to how they mistreat other and the bad behavior that they may do to people.  but when it come to them and their feeling they have a memory like an elephant.  You can’t keep thinking that you can take advantaged of people lie, cheat, steal, and don’t think that there will not be consequences for your actions.( # You are not a special snowflake ) For every actions there is a reaction and most of the time people don’t like the out come when it comes back to them it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun.(karma)


In life it’s all about choices and those choices will have consequences it’s all about how you deal with them.   You can blame whom ever you want to for the bad luck or what’s going wrong in your life  ( your parents, teachers, siblings, pastor, stockbroker, co-works, spouse, family and friends)  you are responsible for your own self and actions. You can point the finger at someone all day but in the end of the day the responsibility fall on you.

Sometimes we create a difficult situation in life and want some forgiveness or understanding for our actions but will not take ownership for the problem that we caused.  A grown up will take ownership for their actions while an irresponsible adult will make excuses for what going wrong with their life and how it’s someone elses fault for their mess not them, well  like the old quote said you made your bed now you have to lie in it. So stop blaming everybody for problems that you have created and take ownership for your own actions.

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