# True friend 

Have you ever dealt with a person at work or maybe at some type of social gathering and you know that this person is not your cup of tea for what ever reason, but you still try to be cordial but this person telling everyone how you are the best of friends knowing that y’all are not.

 When you say the word  friend what does this mean to you?  For some people this is a  lifetime commitment for other it’s a  when I need you bases commitment.  Asks yourself this question which person are you.


Are you the one that’s there for someone right or wrong good times as well as bad the one to give your surpport , a kind word or sometimes just to listen. A true friend will tell you the honest true even when you don’t want to hear it,  that one that look out for you  their true motives is your well being. 

Or are you the so call friend who talks behind people backs only to seek out that same person for help (now that’s a special snowflake.  ) that same type of so-called friend who only calls when things go wrong an they need your help, never check on you to see how you are doing, but they know your number for the latest gossip or if they need your help they got you on speed dialed. 

We all go through this sometime in our life, mine time was about 4 years ago. I had to step back revaluet some of my so-called friendship they were a little to one sided for me.  We all have our own lives and the rigger of everyday life is a job in its self but in this day and age were you can contact people dam near every way you can imagine ( phone call, texting,  e-mail, video chat, carried penguin, and  coming soon the tongue phone, LOL ) theirs no excuses not to stay in contact with someone if they are your True Friend. 

Just because this person is your childhood friend, or your blood relative, your co-worker or your Husband or Wife no one should take your friendship for granted. 




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