#My Happiness 

Realtalk moment

Two years ago I had a real talk moment with myself and I didn’t like the answer that I got.  Have you ever been fed up with grown ass people who has nothing better to do then keep some type of drama going like an episode of Love & Hip Hop.

That was me two years ago just tried of the drama and gossip the same old daily routine.   For me it serve no purpose to give my point of view on someone else situation especially if the person didn’t ask me for my view on the matter nor am I doing anything to make their problem better.

If I’m minding my own business and taking care of my own affairs that doesn’t leave me with a lot of  time to be worried about any body else life or situations.  I’m too busy securing my own peace of mind and happiness to medal in anyone else life once I adapted this method life became a whole lot easier for me.

I control my own happiness

Always remember misery loves company and always looking for new friends to add to its ever-growing list of miserable people looking for drama conflict stress is not just a way of thinking but a way of life.   For me I rather be happy and stay positive.     A great mindset with positive thoughts bring positive energy .

Think about it in this perspective when you trying to live healthier you eat right exercise diet all in the hope for a better life  the same could be said with your mindset positive thoughts bring positive energy and positive result.   If you do this with your body you should also do the same with your mind when you start eating healthy you eat plenty  of fruits and vegetable.  So we can say the same thing about ones mindset.   Positive perspective self-esteem and appreciate what they all ready  have will be a key ingredient to ones happiness.

One of the most importing thing in life is ones peace of mind and happiness and you shouldn’t let anyone dictate it for you no one should never have that much power over your life and your happiness.  Happiness is found when you stop comparing your life to other people and started appreciate yours.   Sometimes we put too much stock in other people through and feeling and not enough into our own stock. Happiness lies within you sometimes you just have to give it a chance.




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