#Mature and raising kids

Time to grow up

Having a kid should be a memorable and joyful time. It also should be a wake-up call for you it’s not all about you any more you have a little life that you are now responsible for its time to grow-up and be mature. Caring for children don’t come with an instruction manual or batteries included.

No one has all the answers when it comes to raising children you pretty much learning on the job as you go or some might say baptism by fire. When I had my first child I learned that lesson quite quick it was no longer all about me I had to grow up. Instead it became all about the baby being a responsible parent that’s what you supposed to do. If you trying to teach someone you should lead by example.


What are you teaching them

As responsible parents it’s our job to raise children the right way in the hope that one day they become good human beings and responsible parents and adults. Sometimes as adults you have to love, teach, encourage, correct, and discipline your kids when necessary remember you are the parent not their friend.

It’s up to you to nurture your kids like a plants cultivate the soil with morals, Integrity, honor, and values. To water them with knowledge daily and guide them with plenty of sunshine and rays of hope.  You are your child’s first teacher.

Children like to imitate what they see and hear from their parents so you have to be careful what you’re teaching and showing them. If you teach your kids to fish they can learn how to feed their self. When you teach your children honor, values, community, self-worth and how to save money.  That can be a valuable tools to learn create and build their own ideas.

Welcome to adulthood

Most parents want their children to be responsible an able to take care of their self in life. To do better than their parents and surpass them. There’s no better feeling is to know that your children are able and responsible enough to take care of they self in the hopes that one day that they will have their own family to raise.

Using the same values and lessons that you taught them. Being a mature parent my not always a popular choice among kids. but it is necessary like breathing air there’s no guarantees in life.

You could be here today and gone tomorrow as a mature and parent you try to teach your kids about everyday life and how to survive today and live for tomorrow because you know that you won’t always be around.  And giving them the tools and knowledge to take care of them self is vital. No one likes to thing this way but for mature parents it’s a must.  Always remember you’re their parent not their BFF.


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