#Preparing your children for life

My baby

As parents it’s our job to teach our children and prepare them for life. From the first day they are born until they reach adulthood it is your responsibility to teach your child how to live and take care of themselves long after you are gone. Most parents don’t think this way or really give it any serious thought but you should especially in today’s world. You could be here today and gone today don’t leave your children without any life skill to take care of them selves.

If you’re not teaching your childer how to care for them self pay their bills on time and manage their fines. Your doing your kids a great disservice that will leave them lost in a world with wolves. You may want to shield and protect your children from the evils of the outside world as much as possible but you eventually have to let them grow up and use their own common sense if not your stunning their growth.

Stunning growth

There’s a difference between helping a child out in a time of need and being overly protective stunting their growth let your child grow up and take responsibility for their own actions and join adulthood. Part of growing up is making mistakes but also learning from them. If someone keep doing everything for you how will you learn and grow.

I believe that some parents really think that they’re helping their kids but in fact they’re doing more harm than good. Women you have to take your titty out of the kids mouth and man take the pacifier out of the kids mouth and stop baby them. They can’t learn if you keep fixing their mistakes. Teach them and let the bird learn how to fly on their own.


How we process information is what make’s us unique and also different. Every one learns at their own pace where someone might get the point after one or two failures someone else might have to get burnt to learn the lesson and understand their mistakes. But making mistakes and learning from them is a part of life. There’s some kids that have missed out on that because their parents have sheltered the baby and stunt their growth. If parents are our children’s first teachers then maybe we need to think about changing and revamping our lessons plans and teach them how to live and survive.

Grown up we were never taught the value of money or how to save money for a rainy day. Most of our ancestors live from check to check these practices still remains today we have to break the cycle. In the hopes that one day we become the supplier and dictate our own path and not the consumer our entire lives. With a glimmer of hope that one day these lessons be taught to our kids and maybe we can start producing our own generation of wealth but first the parents have to change their mindset to teach this. If not I guess we’ll be consumer all our lives.

How are you teaching your kids to survive?

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