# Justice & Equality

Justice and equality in America today’s is nonexistent for minority.  You will have a better chance finding a unicorn or big foot before you find Justice and Equality in  today society.  Let’s be totally honest it’s always been that way for poor people becoming victims or casualties to a corrupt justice system designed to put many innocent people away in prison for profit and cheap labor. If your PRIVILEGE like George Zimmerman or Donald Trump you can get away with damn near anything including murder and rape.  But for minority you get in some type of trouble let’s say four grams of marijuana and it your first time offence this may land you in federal prison doing fifteen years thanks to Bill Clinton while someone white in the same predicament as you get off scot-free no jail time were is the justice in that.

A prime example of injustice in America and no equality is Flint Michigan were the rich keep getting richer the poor remains the same still getting treated like second class citizens in their own country. Look how Flint dealt with the water crisis were over 6000-12,000 kids have been exposed to lead and everybody in Michigan political arena from the city to the state are pointing finger at one another for the problem with the water but no one has yet to fix the problem. What should land some people in big trouble for this inhumane act and gross negligence of the whole Flint water crisis someone should be in jail for this crime.  In all actuality all that are involved in this heinous crime will probably get a slap on the wrist and no jail time where is the justice in this. would this happen in If this was Orange county Florida would this have happen I don’t think so because it was Flint Michigan were poor people live no one seem to have a problem with that. My question is does this sounds like equality in America to you. For me I don’t see no justice or equality in America today just racism classism discrimination and four hundred years of pain.



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