Raising kids is a job in it self. Being a good parent take a lot of caring understanding time pray and patience when dealing with children. As the parent our job is to provide for our kids protect them and in still morals values in their every day lives. We also as parents supposed to nurture our children guide them so that one day they will be able to take care of their own self long after we are gone.

In life no one has all the answers when it comes to raising kids you learn as you go or some might say baptism by fire.  As parents we do have an obligation to be there for them and teach nurture motivate and guide them in life to become good responsible adults. We first as parents must make sure that we are giving our children the right advice to help them become honest responsible citizens able to manage their own life.  You can’t expect a plant to grow if you’re using dirty toxic water and no food or sunlight and think that the plant is going to be health.  We must lead by example our words and actions. Always teach from a happy place and with love. Never from an angry spot or a toxic mind-set.  We should live by the same words and motto that we are trying to teach them.


Just like with plants you have to care for them daily with fresh clean water plenty of  sun light and food and a lot of talking to help the plant grow healthy. The same can be said about kids the more you instill morals values respect and kindness for their self as well as other people.  As parent you are trying raise and teach your children how to survive with the sole purpose to be able to take care of them self with the hope that maybe one day they will be able to raise and nurture their own children some day.

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