# Depression

Why do people get high. Some do it for enjoyment to relaxation or even to celebration an event or a moment but in today’s society it’s how so many people cope with life trying to run away or forget their troubles.

We all have our own ways of dealing with problems whether it’s alcohol weed or wine you sometimes have to get away for a while and reboot your mine to get a fresh perspective on life. But for some the purpose is to get away from your problems for the moment not to disappear and turn up missing without a trace.  Just like anything else if you over indulge it can become habit-forming and could lead to more trouble.

A lot of people get high to avoid every day life but when your under the influence all the time your decision-making maybe cloudy and questionable you’re not thinking with a sound mind and good judgement.  A lot of bad decisions comes while under the influence people think their controlling the situation but the substance is really in control. Substance abuse and depression usually go hand in hand and in today’s society it is a real issue.  Some signs of depression are poor eating habits trouble sleeping mood swings anxiety countless hours of tv and internet watching loss of energy and substance abuse.

Trying to get someone to admit they may be depressed is easier said than done.  It hard for people to take ownership for their actions it’s more easy to blame something or someone else. It’s never their fault it’s their parents spouse partner Pastor Mike and the Easter bunny everybody but them. With any type of problem you first have to admit it to yourself and then be willing to work on the problem whether it’s spiritual self-evaluation or seeking professional help.

Your first priority should always be you no one will love you better than yourself. But in life people don’t always do what’s best for them. If you’re not willing to help yourself  your problems will always be there.  But one thing  I know for certain is alcohol weed and pills can’t help you solve the problem it can only make matters worse.

Mental Health Assistance 866 -720-5371

National Drug Help line 1-866-236-1651

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