# The new walking dead is your smart phone

From baby boomers to millennial my how things have change in the world today. We once were free thinking free spirits weed smoking hippies who was living their life to the fullest enjoying every moment and making lasting memory ready willing and able to take on the world.

Now fast forward to todays society and we have become mind less zombie anxiously awaiting for notification and alerts for our phones ready to jump and respond as soon as you received them. Wow we have went from free spirit thinker to modern-day zombies serving a device.

Smart phone was supposed to be the new way of the future but for many people they has become obsessed with their phone or others may call it an addiction just a bunch of smart phone junkies that need their next fix.

What cell phone are doing is causing a big distraction. People are having problems with human interaction and destroying relationships. At one time in life you would get on an elevator you will meet someone with a warm greeting now it’s just more easier to pull out your cell phone and start staring at a screen waiting to obey the next command.

The cell phone zombie apocalypse has taken over you can find people on their cell phones at churches sporting events parties funerals the list can go on and on cell phones has also been a big accomplish in breaking up many relationships over various things from Facebook status to what’s in your phone history.

The word smart phone itself is an oxymoron smart phone are supposed to make life easier and people smarter but instead it turning people into mindless zombies following the herd.

Your device supposed to be for your entertainment and pleasure not to dictate your every move and control your life. It’s cool to see how entertainers athletes and politicians are living but not to the point when is dominating your own life. The cell phone zombie apocalypse is real.


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