Peace and Equality

People calm to be kind hearted people and pretend to be good law abiding citizen and religious yet there’s so much evil rasial biases and injustice that is happened in the world today but you are quiet what ever happened to loving your fellow man. Just because you claim some things doesn’t mean it true you say that your kind-hearted Christians but I don’t see any signs of that.

They are merely word if there’s are no action behind them. If you are quieted and pretending that nothing is going on in today’s society then you are no better than they are. If you not standing for justice and human rights then you’re just the systems accomplice aiding and abetting in their plan.

You can’t keep pretending to be blind and not knowing what going on in the world everybody’s not walking around with rose colored glasses on if you’re not helping them your part of the problem as well. There can’t be peace on earth until it justice and equality for everyone. #Blog#Peace and Equality#Realtalkwithmatty

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