Good morning

Sometimes sometimes you have to be selfish with your personal space and time. You have to learn that you can’t save everybody many people don’t want your help they just like to hear their self complain.

Why keep wasting your time with people and their one way relationships. When they need someone to talk to they have no problem contacting you hell they expect nothing less and in their damn mind it’s a requirement. But if the tables was turned you wouldn’t get the same treatment you wouldn’t get a call a text smoke signal message by carrier pigeon nothing.

Stop stop giving your energy to one-way relationships the same people that only call when they want something. Will be the same ones that wouldn’t even throw you a life jacket if you were drowning in your own emotional sorrows. Stop giving your attention to one way relationships.

Protect yourself and your peace of mind this is vital for you and your health. The universe spoke to me this morning about this I just answered the call. This message is for someone that needs to read it or even pass it along.

Good morning everybody have a great day stay happy think positive be bless. #goodmorning#blog

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