The garden of the mind

Good morning

What ever seeds that we plant in the garden of our mind is totally up to us whether it positive thoughts or negative energy it up to you how you nurture and cultivate the soil.

If you don’t take care of it and handle it with love and care the weeds of negativity will spout up and run wild though our mind.

We have to be careful of the seeds that we are planting in our mind make sure we are giving it lots of love time and care so that it can grow properly and healthy.

What we feed our mind helps nourish our spirit so are we planting seeds of happiness and positivity throughout life garden or are the weeds of negativity running wild through our minds?

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My website brings you Motivational_ Inspirational_Relationship_Love_Happiness_ Self-awareness_And Life quotes to start your day off right and help you bring a positive mindset and energy throughout the rest of your day. I do not own most of my content that I provided The universe tends to speak to us but we choose to ignore the signs

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