A sponge soaking up knowledge

Too many of us have learned something new and proclaimed ourselves as a scholar but only the wise known this not to be true. t

Those that truly seek wisdom are like sponges soaking up all that they can obtain understand and realizing that knowledge comes from the willingness and desire to learn new information every day. 

You are never too old to learn and anyone can teach you even if that means what not to do in life it’s still a lesson that is being taught. Way too often we feel like that we have reached the pinnacle and there’s no more to learn nothing could be more further from the truth there’s no cap on acquiring knowledge it’s limitless.

Just because you have a degree that doesn’t mean your accomplish nor does reading a lot of books make you a scholar either knowledge is power not when it not applied it useless.


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2 thoughts on “A sponge soaking up knowledge

  1. Thanks for sharing that quote. While I agree that expectations can sometimes lead to disappointments, I feel like it is humannature to have expectations or a plan for the future. To just live in the moment without a plan of what’s going to happen next seems inconceivable to me and to human nature but sometimes that’s what you gotta do to protect yourself.

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