Far too often we give our opinion about how things should be instead of seeing things for what they are now not looking at the world from a 1965 point of view when we are living in the year 2020. Change your perspective so you can adapt to the world around you today those reluctant to grow will remain in a state of stagnation.

Reflecting is cool but one can’t see the world and appreciate all its beauty today with a cloudy mindset about the past it only hinders you from enjoying life and spoils the beautiful moment that you’re living in today.







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My website brings you Motivational_ Inspirational_Relationship_Love_Happiness_ Self-awareness_And Life quotes to start your day off right and help you bring a positive mindset and energy throughout the rest of your day. I do not own most of my content that I provided The universe tends to speak to us but we choose to ignore the signs

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