High horse

Kindness doesn’t cost a thing and I think sometimes we forget that. We all have struggled at some point in time but many of us have forgotten that and are so quick to pass judgment on others while we are on our high horse looking down.

Don’t let life knock you back down to earth and bring you back to reality have grace and mercy for people struggles remember that was you at one time what goes up must come down.

Give them what you would want somebody to give to you the same love support and understanding that they need.

Kindness doesn’t cost a thing.

Everyone have a safe and productive day.







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My website brings you Motivational_ Inspirational_Relationship_Love_Happiness_ Self-awareness_And Life quotes to start your day off right and help you bring a positive mindset and energy throughout the rest of your day. I do not own most of my content that I provided The universe tends to speak to us but we choose to ignore the signs

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