What does love mean to you?

For some when they say the word love every fiber in there body means what they say but for others, it something to say at that moment. Love is one of the most beautiful emotions in the world that why so many of us seek it out in the hope of finding that special someone to share our heart our hopes and dreams with and spend the rest of our lives together.

Getting to know a person is a process that takes time but we don’t always practice patient and rush into a situation letting our heart override our head and sometimes that where the trouble begins. Love can be like a poker game you have to read the table before you push all your chips into the game some people are straight forward so you know where they others you may have to pull there card and call their bluff then there will be times where you just call it a day and fold.

We all have our own idea about how the perfect relationship should look like but sometimes the perception in our heads does not match up to the reality of life because everyone’s definition of love is different. Being madly in love with someone is quite different from you loving what somebody does for you everyone sees life and love differently and when looking for love people need to learn to differentiate from the two.

Some people throw the word love around casually as if it the latest trend but if you truly love a person you would never do anything to jeopardize their trust heart or break the bond that you share. That way it always good to get to know each other because everyone’s perspective morals values are not the same and there definition of love is different so take your time and make sure that when you’re looking for romance that you understand their definition of love.