Fighting with the Enemy Within

Are you your worst enemy? You already have to deal with enemy all around you there no need to unnecessarily pick a fight with the enemy within. Stop sabotaging your happiness and getting frustrated over things in life that you can’t control don’t let others have so much influence over your emotions.


Many people may say they’re in a relationship but are you? There is no relationship if it does not have communication trust honesty transparency respect and a strong commitment to each other without these principles in your life to help build a strong foundation your relationship will not last. If you’re in a relationship andContinue reading “Relationship?”

Don’t change who you are

Ever felt like you try to help someone and you got played? Never let someone make you feel bad for trying to help them that’s what you do it’s in your nature if they don’t appreciate it then that’s their loss don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole orchard. Don’t change who you areContinue reading “Don’t change who you are”

Take a moment

Did you take a moment and breathe today? Don’t be so focus about tomorrow that you forget to appreciate your life today watch the sunset take a walk get in touch with nature take a moment breathe and enjoy life. Follow@Realtalkwithmatty realtalkwithmatty #positive #lifequotes #motivational #quotesoftheday #positivequotes #positivethoughts #personalblog #motivationalspeakers #motivational_quotes #life #positivepeople #motivationalcoach #writingContinue reading “Take a moment”

The only approval that should count is your own

Why do we feel that we need the approval of others? If you continue to live your life trying to please everyone you will find yourself trapped in the confines of your own mind. Stop living your life based on someone else’s viewpoint of you you can’t find your way listening to dark souls. It’sContinue reading “The only approval that should count is your own”

What’s your first response response

Are we so program by today’s society that our first response to a problem is negative? When dealing with a situation what is your first thoughts about the problem are you thinking of ways to fix it or are you taking a defensive stand. How we reaction to circumstances goes along way in fixing theContinue reading “What’s your first response response”

On a different path

As you seek to improve your lifestyle you may find that the road can be difficult at times and lonely. When you’re trying to elevate yourself to a higher level there will always be some people that don’t understand your new philosophy While others might seem offended by your different mindset and that’s okay. EverybodyContinue reading “On a different path”

The choices that we make

Your happiness is in your hands and no one is responsible for your life but you. Decisions that you make today could effect you down the road so choose wisely. @realtalkwithmatty goodmorningworld🌎 #positivelifestyle #goodmorningquotes #quotesandsayings #inspirationalspeaker #inspirationalquote #motivationalquote #positiveaffirmations #goodvibesalways #uplifting #goodvibesonly✨ #upliftingquotes #inspirationalquotesandsayings #goodmorning☀️ #inspirationalpost #inspirationalthoughts #goodmorningpost #goodmorningworld #positivethoughts

I use your recipe

People can dish it out but they can’t take it when you turn around and give them a taste of their own medicine they will swear that you’re trying to poison them when in fact all I did was use your recipe that you gave me. @realtalkwithmatty #iusedyourrecipe #positivequote #inspirationalthoughts #positivepsychology #quotestags #priority #featureoftheday #motivationalspeakersContinue reading “I use your recipe”