I love my walk home

Some times in life we can get caught up with the every day struggles of life.  Work bills sibling spouse children family and even friends can seem daunting at times. You have to remember take a breath and enjoy life live in the moment sometimes.  My child started an after school program and she needed to be picked up twice a week.Continue reading “I love my walk home”

# Concerned student 1950

University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe has resigned over the miss handing of a series of racist incidents on the college’s Columbia campus. Wolfe was pressured to step down after the school’s football team announced it would boycott all football activities until Wolfe was removed from office. The controversy began in September when Payton HeadContinue reading “# Concerned student 1950”

Responsible / Irresponsible what side are you on.

I was remembering the other day when I was little I hated to wash dishes. I would act like I was so sleepy so I wouldn’t have to do them or when I do then I would half ass do them. I thought that if I keep doing that, my mother would tell me toContinue reading “Responsible / Irresponsible what side are you on.”