#The only person that you can control in life is yourself #outofcontrol #realtalkwithmatty

This quote is so true people who try to control every aspect of life and other people really don’t have control of their own lives. The only thing that you have control over in life is yourself.

Protect your greatest asset

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for defending your integrity honor emotions etc… It is your god-given right. People will do wrong and then turn the tables on you trying to make you feel like you did something wrong or it’s your fault. You should never feel bad for speaking your mind and expressing your feelings. Protect your greatest asset (you) and your peace of mind at all cost because if you don’t then who will.

Feature of the day

When you’re meeting somebody new are you meeting the true person or did they send there proxy?  People are more interested in pleasing everybody and fitting in the crowd then standing on there own merits morals and values. They would rather pretend and wear a mask then to show people who they truly are you can’t pretend forever and keep wearing a mask you are who you are and ithe real you will show up sooner or later.

In a box

No matter how much you have grown up in life some people still see you as the you you used to be. Don’t let someone’s perception of you from the past become your reality today. You can try to put me in that same old box from the past if you want but I have outgrown that box a long time ago and I’m on to bigger and better things

Feature of the day

Using drugs and alcohol to forget about your problems only exacerbates the issue

#outgrown #wordofWisdom #realtalkwithmatty

Why do we put the needs of others before our own is it a longing to fit in or is it a need to be accepted by others

You do yourself a disservice when you continuously allow people to try to put you in a box or a category that no longer fit you. Always remember your first priority in life is you stop putting the needs of others before you own just to fit in or to be accepted. The only approval you need is your own

#fatherandson #lifelesson

Show them the correct way

Are we giving the best version of ourselves to our kids? If you teach a man how to fish you have gave him the ability to feed his self. As a father it is up to us to teach our kids how to take care of their self and maybe one day a family as well. But first we have to give them the knowledge and the tools to use on their journey.

But before we can want somebody to follow us we first have to learn how to lead the right way are we giving the best version of ourselves to our kids are we leading by example do all our words matches our action or are we giving them knowledge or showing them foolishness. Teaching them style and fashion is cool but giving them the knowledge on how to love themselves first save your money make investments being a provider caring loving honest and a respectable gentleman these lessons will last them a lifetime.

Are you giving your kids the best version of you because if you’re not you’re doing a disservice to them leaving them lost and unprepared in the world that sometimes can be so cruel and cold.

Loving yourself first

#loveyourself #Feature of the day

Why do we put the needs of others before our own

Sometimes in life we forget our most important asset in life ourselves. If you’re in pain and hurting please let me know and seek help. Helping yourself isn’t a sign of weakness it really shows your strength and courage. Before we can help anyone else we first have to learn how to take care of our own needs if not the problem will take over you and your life.

Why do we continue to suffer and silence instead of yelling for help when we need it?

#yourthoughts #featureoftheday

The energy that you putting out into the world today is the energy that will return to you so be careful of your vibe the universe is listening.

#goodmorning #keepshining #baltimore

In a world filled with misery and negativity always remember to keep a positive mindset and don’t let anyone steal your joy. You should always safeguard your peace of mind all the time and at all cost against anyone who try to disturb the sanctity of your mind. Good morning y’all make today great and live life to the fullest enjoy everyone.

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