A prisoner of the Mind

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy by creating situations in our head that may not be true. Instead of coming to grips with reality we continue to torment ourselves and create our imprisonment of the mind. Start seeing things for what they truly are and not what you envisioned them to be don’t let your mind play tricks on you and you become a prisoner of your own mind. #Imprisonmentofthemind#Theenemywithin#Realtalkwithmatty


Sabotaging yourself

Why are you sabotaging yourself? Are you making a million excuses why something can’t be done or are trying to figure out a way to get the job done. Stop listening to negative people and believe in yourself.

Just Because it hasn’t been done yet doesn’t mean you can’t do it your time is now. Stop making excuses take dominion of your life and get out your own way #Thetimeisnow#takedominionofyourlife#Realtalkwithmatty#Featureoftheday