Don’t be foolish

Good Morning World. One of the biggest mistakes we make is assuming that people will be as loyal to us as we are to them. And those foolish notions have come back to haunt many people loyalty isn’t something that shouldn’t be giving away lightly it ought to be earned. @realtalkwithmatty . . . #goodmorningpostContinue reading “Don’t be foolish”

My Objective

Good morning to all. My objective today is to stay positive productive and maintain my peace of mind. What are your plans today? Happy MLK Day and enjoy the rest of the day. @realtalkwithmatty . . . #goodmorningpost #goodmorning­čî× #goodmorningquotes #goodmorningpeople #instadaily­čśë #─▒nstagood #dailyblog #Myobjective #Positivevibe #Mindset #realtalkwithmatty #morning inspiration #LifeCoach #Rejoice #Encouragement #Thought processContinue reading “My Objective”

You have to walk with faith

Sometimes you have to trust and walk with faith. @realtalkwithmatty . . . #goodmorningpost #goodmorning­čî× #goodmorningquotes #goodmorningpeople #instadaily­čśë #─▒nstagood #dailyblog #Mindset #realtalkwithmatty #morning inspiration #LifeCoach #Rejoice #Walkwithfaith#Encouragement #Thought process #Relationships #Mental state #LifeExperiences #TheSearchForWisdom #Mattyblog

What do you look for in a relationship?

What do you look for in a relationship? I had an interesting conversation with my youngest about relationships. I asked her what would look for in a relationship and her response was priceless. She said someone says that she can communicate with so they can talk out their problems a person who she can trustContinue reading “What do you look for in a relationship?”

The bottom line

Good morning. Whether you’re a Democrat or  Republican the bottom line is you represent all the people not just a few and you are supposed to look out for everyone’s best interest. No matter of race religion gender or parties your intention should be lead by honesty integrity morals values and not by greed or selfishContinue reading “The bottom line”

What are you waiting for

What are you waiting for? If you have a dream chase It don’t let anything or anyone deter you from achieving that goal. Stop making excuses and stop waiting for someone to support your dreams. All you need is to believe in yourself and the desire to make it happen. All good ideas start inContinue reading “What are you waiting for”

Appreciate life more

As you mature you start to appreciate life more and enjoy the beauty of the world. It’s not about material things or money it’s about good people good times and making lasting memories. On this glorious Sunday, I am thankful for awesome family and friends’ peace of mind and I’m happy to see another dayContinue reading “Appreciate life more”

Good morning ­čîů World

Good morning ­čîů World Far too often we punish ourselves for past mistakes that can turns into a lifetime sentence if you let it. Remember we all are human and we are bound to make mistakes it a part of life the key is to learn from it and grow. Don’t let a few misstepsContinue reading “Good morning ­čîů World”

How dangerous are narcissists

How dangerous are narcissists? If you ever had a doubt how dangerous are narcissists then look no further to the incident that took place yesterday in Washington DC all made possible by the twisted thoughts of a man who still thinks he’s on the campaign trail for an election that he already lost. He continues toContinue reading “How dangerous are narcissists”

The key to your happiness is in your hands

Why do we take the simplest things and make them difficult? The key to your happiness is in your hands and it all starts with you it’s not anyone else’s job or responsibility you can’t hire a subcontractor for the job it is solely up to you. Sometimes we can take the simplest things inContinue reading “The key to your happiness is in your hands”

A new year and a different mindset.

Good morning to all. Life is too short to be constantly asking for someone’s attention love or affection. Your feelings matter and If they can’t understand your point on the subject and make time for you then you should go about your business and make them an afterthought. Remember your feelings and opinion matters alwaysContinue reading “A new year and a different mindset.”

Valuable lesson

The only thing that you can control in life is yourself, your thoughts and your actions everything else let go of and let God handle it. Once you learn that valuable lesson life becomes a little more simpler. @realtalkwithmatty . . . #goodmorning­čî× #goodmorningworld #goodmorningpeople #communication #goodmorningpost #Valuable lesson #ThankfulThursday #ThursdayThoughts #startyourdayoffright #postivevibes #realtalkwithmatty #relationshipContinue reading “Valuable lesson”

Express yourself

You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know there’s one that needs your attention. People assume that you know what they’re thinking instead of them opening their mouths and telling you exactly how they feel. It’s Ludacris to try and hold someone accountable for something that they have no clue about you’re punishing themContinue reading “Express yourself”

Goodness in our heart

Our lives won’t be measured by money accolade or prestige but by the goodness in our heart and the willingness to help others. @realtalkwithmatty . . . #goodmorning­čî× #goodmorningworld #goodmorningpeople #StartupSunday #goodmorningpost #startyourdayoffright #postivevibes #realtalkwithmatty #relationship #peaceofmind #mindset #Weekend #mentalstate #lifecoach #followme #happy #love #instagood #mattyblog #lifequotes #words #writers #motivation #quotesoftheday #inspiration

Retribution will only bring you more misery

Showing someone forgiveness does not make you a fool or soft-hearted it shows your strength. Trying to inflict the same amount of pain that someone did to you will not bring you joy or seeking some form of retribution will only bring you more misery and take away from your peace of mind and happinessContinue reading “Retribution will only bring you more misery”

Be Unique

Don’t follow no one else’s trail that has been laid out be unique walk your path and create your own blueprint to success @realtalkwithmatty . . . #Beunique#lifequotes #quotesoftheday #positivequotes #positivethoughts#MondayMotivation #motivational_quotes #positivepeople#MondayMood #motivationalcoach #mindset #realtalkwithmattyfeatureoftheday #love #self-awareness #lifecoach #relationship #followforfollowback #mattyblog #happy #instagood #instadaily #inspiration #coaching #quotestags #art #life

Live in the moment

Sometimes we get so caught up looking towards the future that we forget to live in the now and enjoy the moment. Life is too short to let a precious second pass you by without appreciating every single moment. There’s nothing wrong with achieving your goals and securing your future while you’re doing that don’tContinue reading “Live in the moment”

Greeting to all

Greetings, to all on this beautiful Saturday, morning. Growth helps you appreciate life and be thankful for where you are now in life not to constantly whine and complain about it. Focus on the positive in your life and leave the negative behind. Happy Saturday everyone have a blessed day. @realtalkwithmatty . . . #goodmorning­čî×Continue reading “Greeting to all”

Do your really need their friendship

Most people find themselves either through life experiences or some form of trauma that gives them a wake-up call that helps them find their inner strength and let them know that it’s time to change their lives. Growing up is not an easy task just like anything else it takes time dedication and commitment. YouContinue reading “Do your really need their friendship”