A Growth mindset

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The person you are today

You can draw conclusions about somebody but it doesn’t mean that you’re right your views are coming from you and the way that you view life. For some people they can only see as far as they mine will let them see to them you still a little Jimmy that stole $5 out of Nana’s purse when you was 7 when in fact now you are 45 year old man taken care of a wife and kids.

Leave it to some people they will put you in a box the person that you was 20 years ago in their eyes you still there person today don’t let people opinion of you get you upset remember is coming from that perspective it doesn’t mean that is right who you were yesterday doesn’t make you the person you are today.



Some people are unwilling to learn mature and grow therefore they will always be a prisoner. We are truly creatures of habit and for some psychology speaking their own worst enemies. In today’s world if you are unable to adapt you will be left behind and stuck in time.

You can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results that’s truly the definition of insanity. If you can’t change your views of yourself the world and life you will never be truly free. Just a person imprison in there own mind trap and in bondage.


As I get older and become more mature you realize that you don’t have a lot of patience for foolishness drama and petty games and some people may perceive this as changing.

It’s not that I think I’m better than anybody else it’s just I have a different view on life then others and I’ve have become more mature.

You can’t grow in life always trying to dim someone else’s light this won’t help you become a better person. And for me I didn’t change I just found myself I’m trying to live love and learn in the hope of becoming a better man a better father a better husband a better human a better me.



Raising kids is a job in it self. Being a good parent take a lot of caring understanding time pray and patience when dealing with children. As the parent our job is to provide for our kids protect them and in still morals values in their every day lives. We also as parents supposed to nurture our children guide them so that one day they will be able to take care of their own self long after we are gone.

In life no one has all the answers when it comes to raising kids you learn as you go or some might say baptism by fire.  As parents we do have an obligation to be there for them and teach nurture motivate and guide them in life to become good responsible adults. We first as parents must make sure that we are giving our children the right advice to help them become honest responsible citizens able to manage their own life.  You can’t expect a plant to grow if you’re using dirty toxic water and no food or sunlight and think that the plant is going to be health.  We must lead by example our words and actions. Always teach from a happy place and with love. Never from an angry spot or a toxic mind-set.  We should live by the same words and motto that we are trying to teach them.


Just like with plants you have to care for them daily with fresh clean water plenty of  sun light and food and a lot of talking to help the plant grow healthy. The same can be said about kids the more you instill morals values respect and kindness for their self as well as other people.  As parent you are trying raise and teach your children how to survive with the sole purpose to be able to take care of them self with the hope that maybe one day they will be able to raise and nurture their own children some day.

#Preparing your children for life

My baby

As parents it’s our job to teach our children and prepare them for life. From the first day they are born until they reach adulthood it is your responsibility to teach your child how to live and take care of themselves long after you are gone. Most parents don’t think this way or really give it any serious thought but you should especially in today’s world. You could be here today and gone today don’t leave your children without any life skill to take care of them selves.

If you’re not teaching your childer how to care for them self pay their bills on time and manage their fines. Your doing your kids a great disservice that will leave them lost in a world with wolves. You may want to shield and protect your children from the evils of the outside world as much as possible but you eventually have to let them grow up and use their own common sense if not your stunning their growth.

Stunning growth

There’s a difference between helping a child out in a time of need and being overly protective stunting their growth let your child grow up and take responsibility for their own actions and join adulthood. Part of growing up is making mistakes but also learning from them. If someone keep doing everything for you how will you learn and grow.

I believe that some parents really think that they’re helping their kids but in fact they’re doing more harm than good. Women you have to take your titty out of the kids mouth and man take the pacifier out of the kids mouth and stop baby them. They can’t learn if you keep fixing their mistakes. Teach them and let the bird learn how to fly on their own.


How we process information is what make’s us unique and also different. Every one learns at their own pace where someone might get the point after one or two failures someone else might have to get burnt to learn the lesson and understand their mistakes. But making mistakes and learning from them is a part of life. There’s some kids that have missed out on that because their parents have sheltered the baby and stunt their growth. If parents are our children’s first teachers then maybe we need to think about changing and revamping our lessons plans and teach them how to live and survive.

Grown up we were never taught the value of money or how to save money for a rainy day. Most of our ancestors live from check to check these practices still remains today we have to break the cycle. In the hopes that one day we become the supplier and dictate our own path and not the consumer our entire lives. With a glimmer of hope that one day these lessons be taught to our kids and maybe we can start producing our own generation of wealth but first the parents have to change their mindset to teach this. If not I guess we’ll be consumer all our lives.

How are you teaching your kids to survive?

#Mature and raising kids

Time to grow up

Having a kid should be a memorable and joyful time. It also should be a wake-up call for you it’s not all about you any more you have a little life that you are now responsible for its time to grow-up and be mature. Caring for children don’t come with an instruction manual or batteries included.

No one has all the answers when it comes to raising children you pretty much learning on the job as you go or some might say baptism by fire. When I had my first child I learned that lesson quite quick it was no longer all about me I had to grow up. Instead it became all about the baby being a responsible parent that’s what you supposed to do. If you trying to teach someone you should lead by example.


What are you teaching them

As responsible parents it’s our job to raise children the right way in the hope that one day they become good human beings and responsible parents and adults. Sometimes as adults you have to love, teach, encourage, correct, and discipline your kids when necessary remember you are the parent not their friend.

It’s up to you to nurture your kids like a plants cultivate the soil with morals, Integrity, honor, and values. To water them with knowledge daily and guide them with plenty of sunshine and rays of hope.  You are your child’s first teacher.

Children like to imitate what they see and hear from their parents so you have to be careful what you’re teaching and showing them. If you teach your kids to fish they can learn how to feed their self. When you teach your children honor, values, community, self-worth and how to save money.  That can be a valuable tools to learn create and build their own ideas.

Welcome to adulthood

Most parents want their children to be responsible an able to take care of their self in life. To do better than their parents and surpass them. There’s no better feeling is to know that your children are able and responsible enough to take care of they self in the hopes that one day that they will have their own family to raise.

Using the same values and lessons that you taught them. Being a mature parent my not always a popular choice among kids. but it is necessary like breathing air there’s no guarantees in life.

You could be here today and gone tomorrow as a mature and parent you try to teach your kids about everyday life and how to survive today and live for tomorrow because you know that you won’t always be around.  And giving them the tools and knowledge to take care of them self is vital. No one likes to thing this way but for mature parents it’s a must.  Always remember you’re their parent not their BFF.

# Knowing yourself and Loving yourself

I choose the titled knowing yourself & loving yourself for this blog  because the words are powerful.   There are so many people that will sacrifice their own happiness just to please others( that’s sound like a recipe for disaster).

You can’t make anyone else happy if you’re not happy with you first.   People spend so much time trying to please everyone else but will ignore themself.  Your very own star player (you) how are you going to try to please everyone else but push your feeling morals and believes to the side and still make your self happy you can’t if you believe that you’re lying to your self.  To know yourself is to be honest with yourself  to shine in your own truth and except your  own faults.

I think the serenity pray said it best god grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference it all starts with you.  You can’t truly love someone if you don’t love yourself first know your own worth.  Asked yourself when you start looking for a mate what do you look for first in a person do you look inward to a person heart and soul, or do you look outward at beauty looks and big body parts ( what ever you like).

When you’re looking to start  a relationship what type of person are you look for a materialistic person or  maybe a self-indulgent individual with that you get the lies games and  immaturity.   Or do you look inward to a person heart morals values honest and mature.

Asked yourself  this when you in a relationship are you the victim or are you the bully what I mean by this  is are you the person who keep complaining about how someone is treating you.  Keep lying to you being disrespectful  putting your feeling on hold cheating on you (the victim) or are you the type of person who stand up for their beliefs ( right or wrong) what todays society like to call  ( the bully).

Everything starts with you.   You are the question and the answer.   You may ask why do people keep lies to me ignore your feeling mistreated me (the question) because you haven’t required them to treat you any different and you allow it. ( the answer)   When you keep doing the same thing but you are looking for different results that’s insane .

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and you tell them you don’t appreciate something but they keep doing it over and over again and you look at them like why don’t they get it maybe it’s not them maybe it’s you.   If you tell a person the same thing 356 what you think they going to get it 357 may be you should change your mindset.  People can only do what we let them do. Everything starts with you love yourself first and  the rest will follow.


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