Karma returns

Karma always come back to pay you in full. #Karmareturns#what comesaroundgoesaroundpayback#Realtalkwithmatty#The Universe#Featuretheofthe day

A taste of their own medicine

When you give people the same treatment that they give you all of sudden you are a bad person.  Give them a taste of their own medicine and they swear you trying to poison them. People can dish it out but they can’t take it.# karma is real#A taste Of their own medicine#Realtalkwithmatty#Featureoftheweek

Never feel regret for being a good person to the wrong people. Some people are not used to people caring about them remember hurt people hurt people. Continue to be the kind caring person that you always has been it shows you have good character and good thing will keep coming your way let karma take care of the rest. #life#wordpress#realtalkwithmatty

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