When doubt creeps in dreams go away

You can’t live your life through another man’s eyes your path in life is for you to travel and you alone so why would you let anyone else words stop you from completing your journey. The day that you let others opinions fill your mind with doubt is the day you stop living your dreams.

Applied knowledge

Knowledge is power but if you don’t apply that knowledge and put it to good use you are j Reading all the books in the world this does not signify that you are smart it just shows that you use your library card a lot. Knowledge is power but if you don’t apply that knowledge and put it to good use you are just wasting your time.

Prove it to yourself

Stop looking for other praise approval or acknowledgement of you or theĀ  work that you do. The only opinion that truly matters is yours prove it to yourself and stop waiting for the bandwagon to come join the party celebrate your achievements with yourself you don’t need a parade.

It’s okay

  I drink coffee

In life everyone is not going to like you and it okay that is their right and their choice. No matter what you try to do or say some people will not want to be around you or care for your company and that’s just facts. So they dislike you well everyone is entitled to their own opinion maybe you’re not there cup of tea why should you care anyway you can’t live your life through someone else’s eyes and let’s be honest do there opinion really matter.

Live your life how you see fit don’t worry about if you are someone’s cup of tea me myself I wouldn’t give two cents for the opinion besides I drink coffee who cares what they say. Live your life and enjoy to the fullest. #It’s okay#you can’t please everyone in life#not everyone’s cup of tea#the only opinion that matters is mines# I drink coffee

Live your life

Walk your own path

Are you spending your time trying to please everybody but yourself? Live your life according to your expectations and not someone opinion of you.

Don’t follow anyone else’s blueprint be your own person walk your path create your legacy.

#your journey#follow your own path#write your own book

Knowledge of self

#knowledge is power #different is good #I know who I am

Knowledge of self is powerful in this day and age there are too many people compromising their self sacrificing their own happiness just to fit in. Why are so many people so eager to please others that they lose site of who they really are.

Dr Seuss said it best why fit in when you were born to stand out I am not like everyone else I don’t pretend to be I don’t want to be I am me one of a kind and true to myself.

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