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Knowledge of self

Who you are? Now you would think that this is a easy question that everybody should be able to answer right but that’s not always the case.

For some people this might be a difficult question to answer especially if you’re not honest with yourself and have a true knowledge of self. Who you really are is shown in your every day words that you speak how you how you treat other people and the way that you carry yourself.

When you have true knowledge of yourself you have the ability to be honest with you to take full responsibility for your actions expect your faults and make peace with it.

For some people when you asked them this question I think they get confused by it. Too many people try to please everyone else first that they will disregard their own happiness trying to satisfy others.

I believe people are so use to sending their representative trying to make everybody happy that they get caught up in everyone’s else perception of them that sometimes they get lost.

When you have knowledge of self you will not compromise your own happiness to please others first you have no problem being the real you. Not sending a representative faking and pretending to be something that you’re not. When you have true knowledge of self it powerful.

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