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Once I became a man I put the ways of childhood behind me in order to become a better person and a responsible adult I made a conscious effort to raise my children and instill morals and values into their every day lives.

Teaching them how to care for them selves in the hope that one day they will be able to give the same lessons to their kids. Growth can be painful uncomfortable and challenging at times but quite necessary in life.

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Bring a life into the world is a beautiful gift but also a big obligation. Your are responsible for caring feeding clothing and nurturing your child by law until the age of 18. LOL now that sounds good on paper but in actuality you will parenting until that day that you know your child can maintain their own but first they have to be taught.

It is up to you as a parents to show your child how to balance their bills educate them on saving money and investments as you instill pride morals values and integrity to your kids as you establish a foundation and teach them how to take care of them selves now and for years to come.

But first before we can teach we have to acquire the knowledge and get a better understanding of finances our selves. Too many of us have tried to live above our means far too long in an effort to impress when in actuality all we are doing is imposing self-inflicted wounds to the head.

Some of us will walk around with twenty-five hundred dollars worth of clothes and jewelry on but don’t have that amount in our bank account or every april you celebrate 420 and your credit score is still 420. We need to change our outdated way of thinking and learn how to build and grow children usually imitate their parents but if you’re not teaching them the right way your actually doing a disservice to them.

You can expect a child to follow your lead if you’re not leading them down the right path. Sometimes in life you have to step up as a adult and be mature. You and your child shouldn’t be lost and going in the wrong direction someone has to lead.

Every action doesn’t require a reaction silence sometimes is golden. Arguing with a person trying to get your point across can be fruitless unless the person has an open mind to understand your point of views and your feelings you’re wasting your time.


Maturity is more than age it’s about being level-headed respectful forgiving responsible person.

Who has no interest in drama or gossip open minded not judgemental when it comes to other people. Who can communicate for their selves and take responsibility for their own actions and not trying to take care everyone needs and make them happy before you take care of yourself first.

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