Everything starts with the mind

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When you give power to things that you have no control over you will be a prisoner of your own mind.

Everything starts with your mindset

Everything starts with your mindset. No one can steal your joy unless you allow them to happiness starts from within as long as you remember that everything will be good. Your well being is important stop trying to save the world and learn how to take care of yourself your no good to anyone else if your not in a right place mentally physically and spiritually.

In 2020 take care of your well being


We sometimes like to think that we can help everybody and save the day but the truth is you can’t save nobody that doesn’t want your help. They are comfortable in the dark and content with the misery and pain stop trying to rescue the world and make sure in 2020 that you take care of your well being. You’re no good to anyone else if you don’t take care of your mental state first.

Allow me to reintroduce myself

People can only see as far as their perspective will allow them to. A closed minded person will continue to put you in a box and see you as the person you once were years ago.┬áNo matter what you say or do people are going to come to their own conclusions so pay them no mind and live your life. They are a little confused they don’t recognize the new you so you might have to get reacquainted with them and reintroduce yourself. #Reintroduceyourself#anewyou#Realtalkwithmatty#Featureoftheday


Your family is supposed to help you support and protect you not put you in harms way harm so be careful who you have conversate with about your relationship everyone doesn’t want to see you happy. Stop taking bad advice from people that includes family members who doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Don’t let your family break up your family. #Don’tletyourfamilybreakupyourfamily#relationship#bestinterestatheart#Realtalkwithmattyfeatureofthetheday#Badadvicefromfamily

Think before judging

People are quick to assume before knowing someone situation. You have no idea what that person has been through in life but you are ready to give your opinion. Until you walk a lifetime in someone else’s shoes don’t judge. # judgeandjury#Thinking isdifficultjudgingiseasy# have


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