Affairs of the heart

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Love is blind and sometimes that can cloud your judgement on certain matters of the heart and that may lead us to fight to stay with people that God intend for us to let go. Sometime you have to stop thinking with your heart and use your head and see thing for what they are and not what you think it should be. Sometime the end of one painful chapter is the beginning of something beautiful and new.

No Judgement

#No Judgement #Sundaymorning

Sometimes we as people can get on our high horse thinking we are better than others people because we have obtain a little more knowledge then other so we feel we have a advantage. Looking down on others for not knowing something isn’t cool everyone learn and mature at their own pace show them grace and mercy that you once receive from someone and let them find their own way as you once did its not your job to pass judgement on other only God can judge them not you.

Your not selfish

#Yournotselfish #Realtalkwithmatty

Your not selfish for wanting to be treated well your feeling matter and if someone tries to devalue your feelings they’re not worthy of your time or your attention.

Respect goes both ways

Good morning to everybody on this awesome Wednesday I wish everyone a happy and blessed day be safe. Respect is a two way street to get it you first have to show it to people in order to receive it back the road is big enough for both parties to coexist as long as both have mutual respect for one another.

Move forward

To move forward in life you have to let go of the past and sometimes that means forgiven other people for their wrong doing and it can also mean forgiveness for yourself as well. You can’t move on with life if you keep dredging up old pain let it go and start living your life. Good morning everyone be safe and enjoy your day.

Keep moving forward

Greeting to all on this beautiful Thursday morning I wish everyone a happy and safe day and may you continue to blessed in these troubling times. When you’re able to heal yourself from a bad situation don’t look backwards keep moving forward towards happier and better days.

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