#Character #goodmorningquoteoftheday #Realtalkwithmatty The amount of money that you have your social status or who you know does not give a true depiction of who you are. The person that you really are is shown by your words your actions and how you treat other people that shows your true character.


#Growth #Life As you get older you realize that things you would consider important doesn’t hold the same interest as they use to. With growth comes a change of your mindset and a better understanding about life that help you put things in its proper perspective of what really important and what’s not.

Not tolerating you’re crap

Good morning people I hope you enjoy this beautiful Saturday morning. Just because you are committed to someone or a relationship doesn’t mean you have to put up with their foolishness. When you said I do that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate the lies cheating and disrespect. Never accept anything less then you deserveContinue reading “Not tolerating you’re crap”