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Trying to gaslight someone into feeling guilty for your wrongdoings after you have hurt them is immature cowardly and irresponsible. Stand up be a adult and take ownership of your actions. #Gaslight#cowardlyact#takeownership of your actions #featureoftheday

Better days

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Life can be daunting at times but you can handle anything your battle-tested you have been to hell and back walked through the fire unscathed and stronger than ever you have been reborn and now you’re ready to show the world what you’re made of it your time to shine show them who you are.

Feature of the day

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You can expect things to get better in your life if you’re not putting forth a sincere effort and that may require you to leave bad habits and old mindset behind you and and adopt change start with positive thinking in a positive mindset

Good company

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It’s a true blessing

It is a true blessing to know that you have good people in your corner that you know you can count on when you need them the most that is a real gift and truly a blessing.

Good morning to all on this beautiful Sunday morning may God continue to watch over you comfort you and give you guidance wisdom and blessing. I hope everyone have a great day.

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