If it’s meant to be

Most relationships doesn’t last because people are not willing to put in the work to sustain a good relationship. Listening to outside influences and letting their pride get in the way and ruin there happiness.

But couples that are truly meant to be with each other will always find a way to work out their differences and become a more stronger unit. #relationship#blog#realtalkwithmatty


Love is a beautiful thing when you find the right person to share your heart with.

That special someone that you can always depend on the person who knows when you need a hug or a foot in your ass that will give support and build you up.

Having someone in your life who you can share special moment with who’s there to celebrate your good times and comfort you in difficult time. Your rock you laugh together as well as cry the one that won’t forsake you the love of your life.


Everyone has lied to they self before while in a relationship. The most important thing as well as the most difficult thing is to be honest with yourself you have to see the situation for what it is.

If the person is unwilling to change their ways correct what’s wrong or fight for the relationship then maybe that’s not worth being in a relationship with sometimes you have to just let go.

I’m looking for a good man

I’m looking for a good man. I hear this statement way to often from woman. Well ladies you first have to be a good woman in order to find and keep a good man. You have to understand the character quality and mindset of a good man to obtain one you also have to possess the same qualities as a woman to make it work. If you don’t know what a good man you will be running around in circles. It’s like going fishing without bait or a fishing rod just sitting there looking lost and confuse wondering why you’re not catching anything.

When you get a good man what are you going to do with him. Are you willing to work together be honest with him would you open up yourself to him willing to love respect communicate and cherish him help build a foundation together so you can grow as a couple.

Or are you the opposite a spoiled lying disrespectful manipulative woman. Always unwilling to communicate or compromise trying to control a situation and people but never taking ownership for your own actions. Are you the person that always have to be right in a relationship well these types of acts might have you being right by yourself still looking for your good man.

A good relationship is give and take compromise as well as communication making sacrifices loving and respecting one another do you want to be right all the time or do you want to be happy the choice is yours. These few things may help you in your search to finding a good man.


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