Every action doesn’t require a reaction silence sometimes is golden. Arguing with a person trying to get your point across can be fruitless unless the person has an open mind to understand your point of views and your feelings you’re wasting your time.


The day that you look for people and materialistic things to make you happy it’s the day that you lose yourself. No one or nothing can make you happy but you. Happiness starts within learn how to love yourself first before you can love other people.

Good morning

Good morning everybody it’s Friday I hope you have a productive happy and positive day. Don’t let nobody stop you from living your life or filling your dreams run your race. Enjoy the rest of your day stay focus hungry positive and move in silence.✌️


What you put in the universe will return to you. if you are a good person and you’re doing good blessings will come. If you’re not living right well the universe will show you that too. People always saying they have bad luck I don’t believe in bad luck it’s just the universe showing you that you’re not living right. It’s Friday stay happy humble and most of all have a piece of mine. Enjoy the rest of your day.