# Who are you

Who are you?    When you ask someone this question there’s two thing you need to do to see if the person is telling you the truth about their self,  by listening to their own  words and watching their action. No one can teach about their self better than the teach them self.

You know the old saying actions speak louder than words and that’s true but it only give you half of the equation without the words you can’t get a true understanding of how a person really think, feel, or act in certain situation, for me you can’t have one without the other. # Words

People will sell you a wet dream all day every day if you buy into it, but there true nature and the real them can be seen in their actions and their words.

No one person has the answer to every question.  You might ask 10 random people what’s the capital of Nevada or what are the 3 branch of government are and out of the 10 if you can get 4 people to answer either of the questions is good, but when someone ask you who are you that’s one question that every person should have the answer to.

Some time as people we focus on the present or our future but try to hide our past or maybe forget it altogether  your pasted is a part of you,  it’s your history, your heritage and should be in brace, if for nothing more than inspiration or just a learning experiencing it’s still part of you and  your make up as a person so you can accept who you really are You are what you are or keep lie to yourself and others on what you’re pretending to be.

thO67WE42A lie

People will try to convince you  how they’re a good person or try to tell you who they really are, in the end your real representative will show up soon or later. You can talk all day and tell people who you are but your words are hollow with out the actions to go along with it.  Your actions will always tell the truth about who you really are.

I married to this fucker so I need to make this work.

It’s been 2 and a half years since me and her got together at first I thought it was a thing to do just to past the time but the more we spent time together the more this has grown. You been with me the whole time even when others have doubted me you didn’t I dedicated this to you  Realtalkwithmatty.com for  believing in me seeing my hopes my dreams and my vision.


I remember when I first started writing my blog I was excited as a little kid, I wanted to tell every one about my blog, the website, and what I was  writing about  and some of the topics  that i wanted to discuss for a small few they had genuine love for me and wish me the best while others was staring at me like i had three heads on my shoulders, a couple of people  had the upset stomach look ( as if to say what do you want to do that for)  it was at this moment that i knew to stop talking about my blog everything is not for everybody. You can’t expect someone to understand your passion, drive, or vision if they don’t have the same focus, desires, will power as you.


People fear what they don’t understand and criticize  anything that is different from what they know or normally do  getting someone to see your vision might be  a waste of your time and energy,  and let’s be honest do you really want those type of people around you with their doubt and negativity surrounding you trying to kill your dreams.  Those type of people we call  dream killers they don’t have vision  and can’t understand yours don’t know art and not willing  to learn about it, they don’t want nothing out of life and hate to see anyone else trying to do something  good in life.


You can’t live your dreams through someone else eyes you have to walk your own path .  As long  as  you have creators  artist  visionary there will always be hater, naysayers, and doubter, the dream killers their to discredit you the first chance they get. I read something the other day that caught my attention the message said there will always be someone who can’t see your worth, don’t let it be you.  People will discredit you all day everyday and twice on Sunday  these dream killers might be at your church, school, work, hell mite even be in your own home they will doubt your passion your vision but you should never doubt yourself if you don’t take yourself serious who will .


I dedicate this to Akio Evans, Unorthodox Visionz and Tana let no ones thoughts confine you live your dream and embrace your vision . As for myself  I’m married to this fucker  so I’m going to make this work.



# You said you was grown then act like it.

Being grown is more than you reaching a certain age, it has to do more with being a mature  responsible adult, even when other adults may be acting childish doesn’t mean you have to. You don’t get no awards for acting like a responsible adult nor should you, you should carry it like a grown up because it the right thing to do.   At the end of the day everyone is responsible for their own actions even if they don’t think so.

In today’s society pointing finger is the new keeping it real, it’s more easy to blame someone for else for your problems then for you to take ownership for your own actions.

Why don’t people take personal responsibility for their own actions anymore. As a society in whole we  are quick to play the blame game on someone else,  it’s never  your fault someone else has to take the blame. It’s their fault why you got fired, why you didn’t get that promotion etc you and your actions didn’t have nothing to do with any of this.

I spoke about this in my last blog (# Your not a special snowflake) people walk around oblivious to their own bull crap and think that you have to deal with it like you are obligate to them, never willing to take ownership  for their own actions. As much as people try to pass the buck or blame someone else for their misfortunes, it comes a time in everyone life when they have to face  adversity head on. The question now  is are you going to take ownership for your own actions like a grown person does or are you going to keep pointing fingers and  blaming everyone else for what going wrong with your life. (The choice is yours)