Trying to gaslight someone into feeling guilty for your wrongdoings after you have hurt them is immature cowardly and irresponsible. Stand up be a adult and take ownership of your actions. #Gaslight#cowardlyact#takeownership of your actions #featureoftheday


  • It wasn’t my fault it was them ¬†they always starting trouble
  • I did nothing wrong
  • They never like me and they always had it out for me

Until you take responsible for your actions and mistakes you will always point the fingers at someone else and play the blame game. Take ownership of your actions and stop putting your life in other people hands. It must seem much easier to blame others for your problems then for you to fix them yourself but you are the master of your own universe and you control what happens.

Feature of the day

Pat yourself on the back
Moving forward is always ¬†better then not moving at all no matter how slow the progress is appreciate the victories . Sometimes you have to give yourself a pat on the back and a around of applause for your efforts because if you don’t celebrate yourself who will.


I’m blessed

Too many people complain about what they don’t have in life instead of appreciating what they do. Life itself is a wonderful gift that we should cherish every day

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