Respect and relationship

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A relationship without trust commitment and respect is a relationship that’s destined to fall.

When doubt creeps in dreams go away

You can’t live your life through another man’s eyes your path in life is for you to travel and you alone so why would you let anyone else words stop you from completing your journey. The day that you let others opinions fill your mind with doubt is the day you stop living your dreams.

Different perspective

Life can be hectic at times remember don’t let outside forces weighing you down sometimes it’s best to step back take a break and come back later with fresh eyes. Sometimes stepping back from a situation can help you see a clearer path with a different perspective so you can move forward.

Your happiness comes first

You can give so much of yourself to people that when you walk past a mirror you might not recognize the person that’s stand in front of you. Remember your happiness and well being should always comes first before you try to please everybody else.

Round of Applause

To all those who are on their hustle every day no sleep no breaks constantly in grind mode never giving up give yourself a round of applause for your effort determination and your hard work.  keep grinding keep shining enjoy the journey let the credits talk they gave up on a dream a long time they need something to do they have a lot of free time on their hands. Enjoy your life and let the haters hate.

Set boundaries in love

There’s no better feeling than love but not to the point were you lose yourself. Just like in life set boundaries in love and make it clear what is acceptable in a relationship and what is not stand firm in your beliefs. Don’t lose yourself trying to make someone else happy all the while you’re feeling miserable.

New habits

It takes 15 to 45 days to form a new habit a little progress each day adds up to big results. Everything starts with you the hardest part is to get started once you do you reap the rewards.

Applied knowledge

Knowledge is power but if you don’t apply that knowledge and put it to good use you are j Reading all the books in the world this does not signify that you are smart it just shows that you use your library card a lot. Knowledge is power but if you don’t apply that knowledge and put it to good use you are just wasting your time.

A peace of mind

Sometimes you have to distance yourself from certain people your life to maintain a healthy mental state and peace of mind this also sometimes mean friends and family whatever it takes to protect your well-being do it.

Follow your path

Follow your path and listen to your heart as you walk on your journey. No one can walk in your footsteps because these shoes are custom made for you and no one else believe in yourself and the process ignore the naysayers and give it your all and let your work speak for it self. In the dark the enlightened ones can see.

Avoid the pain

Sometimes we try to avoid problem by pretending that they don’t exist we will try to keep busy self medicate ourselves to hide the hurt and pain but in actuality all we are doing is avoiding the situation. Until we repair what is wrong we will continue to repeat the same unhealthy cycle.

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