Don’t change who you are

Ever felt like you try to help someone and you got played? Never let someone make you feel bad for trying to help them that’s what you do it’s in your nature if they don’t appreciate it then that’s their loss don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole orchard. Don’t change who you areContinue reading “Don’t change who you are”

The only approval that should count is your own

Why do we feel that we need the approval of others? If you continue to live your life trying to please everyone you will find yourself trapped in the confines of your own mind. Stop living your life based on someone else’s viewpoint of you you can’t find your way listening to dark souls. It’sContinue reading “The only approval that should count is your own”

On a different path

As you seek to improve your lifestyle you may find that the road can be difficult at times and lonely. When you’re trying to elevate yourself to a higher level there will always be some people that don’t understand your new philosophy While others might seem offended by your different mindset and that’s okay. EverybodyContinue reading “On a different path”

The choices that we make

Your happiness is in your hands and no one is responsible for your life but you. Decisions that you make today could effect you down the road so choose wisely. @realtalkwithmatty goodmorningworld🌎 #positivelifestyle #goodmorningquotes #quotesandsayings #inspirationalspeaker #inspirationalquote #motivationalquote #positiveaffirmations #goodvibesalways #uplifting #goodvibesonly✨ #upliftingquotes #inspirationalquotesandsayings #goodmorning☀️ #inspirationalpost #inspirationalthoughts #goodmorningpost #goodmorningworld #positivethoughts


The more you try to deny your part.  You can’t learn from your mistakes if you don’t take ownership for your actions and your part of the situation. You can’t continue to blame others for your problems and shun your responsibility. You will continue to have the same experiences in life until you become more matureContinue reading “Ownership”

A Warrior’s mindset

You have faced some tough challenges in life and you didn’t give up you are still here pushing forward and fighting the good fight. You have the heart of a lion and the mindset of a warrior determine not to let anything stand in your way. @realtalkwithmatty #warrior mindset #positive #strength #goodmorningquotesoftheday #realtalkwithmatty #thursday #determineContinue reading “A Warrior’s mindset”

Let nothing stand in your way

Proclaim today your day be determined to accomplish your goals don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way make today count. Greetings to all on this beautiful Monday stay motivated be positive and have a blessed day. @realtalkwithmatty #keepfighting #motivating #knowwhoyouare #goodmorningquotesoftheday #nothingstandinyourway #begreat #workout #knowyou #love #Monday morningmotivation #lesbrown #motivationalspeaker #strong #bestrong #godisableContinue reading “Let nothing stand in your way”

Change is inevitable

In life we have choices and most people resist change because the fear of the unknown frightens them they would rather stay in familiar territories keep experiencing the same things with the same people instead of broaden their horizons and experience life in a new way that may make you feel nervous and uncomfortable atContinue reading “Change is inevitable”

Communication is the key

A relationship can’t flourish without   mutual respect for one another and communication. If there’s only one person constantly communicating and the other person is always silence then there’s no doubt that their relationship is in deep trouble. For a relationship to grow it takes two people devoted to each other feeling needs and desires willing to workContinue reading “Communication is the key”

The Love of others

Someone needs to hear this. The love that you have for other people shouldn’t be greater then the love for oneself and it shall be protected at all cost especially if your peace of mind self respect and morals are threatened. Never hesitate and don’t be afraid to walk away from people and situations thatContinue reading “The Love of others”

To be happy

To be truly happy you must let go of all your worries pain and regrets and focus on the positive that in your life because at the end of the day the only thing that you can control is your thoughts yourself and your happiness. @realtalkwithmatty #goodmorningquotesoftheday #godisgood#thankful#photooftheday #jesus # #goodvibes #believe #mindfulness #happythanksgivng #merrychristmasContinue reading “To be happy”