So thankful

What are you thankful for? With all that going on in the world right now I’m so thankful to still be here alive grateful and blessed to see another day.

The blame game

Why people don’t take ownership for their actions? It’s so easy for people to play the blame game instead of taking responsibility for the problem that they have created. It’s just easier to pass the buck and act like you have a grudge when in fact you’re setting your boundaries. Protect your peace of mind and don’t allow anyone to cross that line.

Reset button

When life throws you a curve ball what are you going to do?

Sometime life will hit the reset button on you unexpectedly what are you going to do when that happens. Don’t be afraid to start over you have been through this before and with the knowledge and the experience that  you have gained over the years you won’t  make the same mistakes twice. Don’t think of it as starting over look at it as a new beginning to life.

In time

Why turn a temporary situation into a lifetime problem pain is only temporary? Let go what hurt you and keep moving forward and live your life.  You will have some good days as well as bad ones but it shall pass in time.

Someone to count on

Can I count on you?  A relationship without trust isn’t worth having. If I can’t count on you to be open honest and transparent them what are we still together.  Sometimes in a relationship is not a problem to be solved but merely a truth to be accepted. Good morning everyone have a safe and bless day.

Do we teach people how to miss treat us

Do we teach people how to miss treat us? Sometimes we are the architect of our own misery and pain only to turn around and complain about the very situation that we helped create. By continuously giving people multiple chances brakes or letting someone slide you have shown them that it  okay to continue with the bad behavior. You have taught them that you will continue to put up with the foolishness. Learn how to love yourself and stand your ground and show them you will not put up with the nonsense no more. Happy Tuesday enjoy your day.

What are you feeding your brain

What are you feeding your brain?

How your day starts depends on what you are feeding your brain. Begin today with positive energy and happy thoughts and leave the negativity behind. Remember everything starts with your mindset. Good morning people it’s Monday time to get motivated.

Wish you the best

Happy Sunday to all enjoy the rest of your day.

What do you gain from someone else’s misery ?Praying for someone downfall doesn’t do me any good I have no animosity towards anyone I wish everyone the best of luck in life.

See things for what they are not what you think it should be

Why are we blinded by our own thoughts? Too many time we analyze a situation thinking that we have come up with a foregone conclusion and be dead-ass wrong.

We have to learn as people to see things for what they really are and not what we think it should be and learn how to separate your perspective from reality this might save you a whole lot of time and disappointment and pain in the long run. Happy Saturday everyone stay safe and enjoy your day.

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