Children are a precious gifts and you should treat them as such give them love patience and understanding to help them grow.  Teach them about the world instill morals values and integrity into their lives in the hope that one day they will grow up to be and responsible adult able to provide for themselves and teach the same lesson to their children.


A marriage is two people that know how to communicate well with each other working as one accord to achieve their goals.

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#The only person that you can control in life is yourself #outofcontrol #realtalkwithmatty

This quote is so true people who try to control every aspect of life and other people really don’t have control of their own lives. The only thing that you have control over in life is yourself.

Better days

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Life can be daunting at times but you can handle anything your battle-tested you have been to hell and back walked through the fire unscathed and stronger than ever you have been reborn and now you’re ready to show the world what you’re made of it your time to shine show them who you are.

Before 2019 Ends

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A good heart and a positive mindset can carry you a long way just have faith and trust in yourself and watch all the blessings that come your way.

I claim it

The best teacher

#people are the best teacher #learn from your mistakes

How they treat you is the way they feel about you people will show their true colors sometimes we choose to ignore the signs. The best way to learn about someone is from that person themselves listen to them and see if they actions matches up with their words there’s no need to wonder or speculate people are the best teachers of themselves.

It’s Monday I’m Thankful

#start you week well #appreciate what you have #so thankful

Appreciate what you have there are so many that are less fortunate than you that will trade places with you in a heartbeat so be thankful of where you are today as you work hard towards a better tommorow.

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