Black and proud

#Black and proud


For far too long our voices have gone unheard our cries ignored and the pain that we suffer unseen. It time for a change to a achieve justice and equality for all black and brown people but make no mistake about it the fight is just beginning. We must put a stop to systemic racism and police brutality. We all have a part to play moving forward lets make it count.

You got this

#It’s Monday #stay focus

No doubt No fear No prisoner It’s Monday and you’re ready to take the world by storm. Don’t let anything stand in your way seize the moment make this week yours.

Monday morning motivation

#Monday Morning Motivation #goodmorningquotes

Good morning it’s motivational Monday focus on making you a better person today and live life to the fullest maintain a positive mindset and thoughts surround yourself with positive people. Think positive be happy and I hope that you are blessed enjoy the rest of your day.

Monday Morning Motivation

#It’s Monday Motivation time #Monslay #Mondaygoodmorningquotesoftheday

It’s Monday morning a new week has begun time to leave old habits and outdated ideas behind you time to start a new chapter in your life. You don’t realize how powerful you are you can do anything that you want to once you put your mind to it you only get one Life to live so enjoy every second minute and moment on Earth live your life to the fullest


Monday motivation

If you can see it you can make it happen so make this week count

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