How dangerous are narcissists

How dangerous are narcissists? If you ever had a doubt how dangerous are narcissists then look no further to the incident that took place yesterday in Washington DC all made possible by the twisted thoughts of a man who still thinks he’s on the campaign trail for an election that he already lost. He continues toContinue reading “How dangerous are narcissists”

Always your fault

You can’t win with a narcissist no matter how hard you try the deck is stacked against you it is an impossible task to complete. Whatever happens it always your fault end of the story this is straight out of the narcissist handbook chapter 1 @realtalkwithmatty . . . . #alwaysyourfault#quotesoftheday #positivequotes #positivethoughts #motivational_quotes #positivepeopleContinue reading “Always your fault”

Ever cross paths with a narcissist

If you ever cross paths with a narcissist before then you know that it truly hell on earth they are some of the most underhanded self-serving manipulating devious and wickedest people that you ever will meet. Trying to give them a helping hand or call yourself saving them might cost you in the end. DealingContinue reading “Ever cross paths with a narcissist”