The mind

#The mind is powerful #If you can see it you can make it happen

I’m not Participating

Life is too short for foolishness #No empty drama

Life is too short and I don’t have the patience to deal with empty drama. If we would spend as much time on ourself as they do worrying about other people business then we might be able to get something accomplishes.

If you’re truly focus on yourself then you’re to busy to be in anyone’s else lives some of us are too old to be participating in drama and negativity life is too short for foolishness and me personally I want to spend my time living my life and doing something positive I don’t have not time to entertain negativity and empty drama.

Knowledge of self

#knowledge is power #different is good #I know who I am

Knowledge of self is powerful in this day and age there are too many people compromising their self sacrificing their own happiness just to fit in. Why are so many people so eager to please others that they lose site of who they really are.

Dr Seuss said it best why fit in when you were born to stand out I am not like everyone else I don’t pretend to be I don’t want to be I am me one of a kind and true to myself.


#within you is the place that happiness dwells #protect your happiness

Stop looking for other people and material things to make you feel happy that’s your job stop giving people that much power over your life happiness lies within and protect your at all cost.

#newmindset #change #realtalkwithmatty

Change starts within

To truly change in life you first have to start within. Take a long hard look at your self change the things that you don’t like and adopt a new prospective in life everything starts with your mindset. Positive thoughts give you positive energy and brings positive vibes for a better lifestyle

#outgrown #wordofWisdom #realtalkwithmatty

Why do we put the needs of others before our own is it a longing to fit in or is it a need to be accepted by others

You do yourself a disservice when you continuously allow people to try to put you in a box or a category that no longer fit you. Always remember your first priority in life is you stop putting the needs of others before you own just to fit in or to be accepted. The only approval you need is your own

#power #words #realtalkwithmatty

You have the power to achieve anything that your heart desires today remember all good plan starts in the mind.

#mistakes #lifelesson #words

You’re going to make mistakes it is a part of life but the true test is to learn from them and continue to grow as a person.

#ownership #growth

Taking ownership for your actions right or wrong except the consequences this is a true sign of maturity. For some owning up to their fault is never a easy task but quite necessary for growth in life.


#happiness #happyagain #peaceofmind

Today is a good day to start being happy again don’t let anyone steal your joy protect your peace of mind at all costs.

#temptation #opportunity #words

Why let one second of temporary pleasure stop you from obtaining your goals. Don’t let temptations keep you from your opportunity.

#growth #adulthood #wordsofwisdomrealtalkwithmatty

Once I became a man I put the ways of childhood behind me in order to become a better person and a responsible adult I made a conscious effort to raise my children and instill morals and values into their every day lives.

Teaching them how to care for them selves in the hope that one day they will be able to give the same lessons to their kids. Growth can be painful uncomfortable and challenging at times but quite necessary in life.

#workingonmyselfbymyselfformyself #wordsofwisdomrealtalkwithmatty #words

Don’t look for someone else to take care of your needs and make you happy. No one will love you better than you. Remember that.

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