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New mindset

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Change starts within

To truly change in life you first have to start within. Take a long hard look at your self change the things that you don’t like and adopt a new prospective in life everything starts with your mindset. Positive thoughts give you positive energy and brings positive vibes for a better lifestyle


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Why do we put the needs of others before our own is it a longing to fit in or is it a need to be accepted by others

You do yourself a disservice when you continuously allow people to try to put you in a box or a category that no longer fit you. Always remember your first priority in life is you stop putting the needs of others before you own just to fit in or to be accepted. The only approval you need is your own


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Once I became a man I put the ways of childhood behind me in order to become a better person and a responsible adult I made a conscious effort to raise my children and instill morals and values into their every day lives.

Teaching them how to care for them selves in the hope that one day they will be able to give the same lessons to their kids. Growth can be painful uncomfortable and challenging at times but quite necessary in life.

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