You are what you are

Some times do you wish you had never started a conversation with some people.well in my case that just happened  to me the other day. I asked a friend did he  see the Basketball game the other night. He quickly respond yes so we go back and forth giving our own thoughts of the game  someone else joined the discussion when the conversation took a turn down fantasy island . What started out as a conversation about Basketball turn into , a financial seminar, a cooking lesson from a famous chef , and how to play 2 women at the same time. ( ok than, Jack of all trades and master of none)

Now to some people who might be an interesting conversation , get information about cooking, finances, and women all in one place and by one person, almost to good to be true.   That’s because  when it comes to this dude IT IS .   I”ve  known this guy for 8 years and I have never seen this dude make toast,  let alone cook a meal,  what is fun about this whole conversation is he ask like I don”t know him, you can lie and try to impress someone all day  but the real you will show up sooner or later.      I’ve never seen none of the above in 8 years.   But you want me to listing to your advise. (GOOD LUCK WITH THAT )

We are all creatures of habit , You can lie and build yourself up trying to impress someone the lies,will catch up to you.  We are all creatures of habit and sooner or later your truth representative will show up. You can put a dress on a cow that does not make it a supermodel, you can all so put a microphone in a idiots hands that does not make them a good presidential candidate  ( Donald Trump) if you were an idiot before you ran you will be the same idiot if you win YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE.


This all started about a basketball  game and some how we have landed on fantasy island.

Well  I’m  your host Mr. Rooke and I’m getting the hell off fantasy island  .

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